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Benartex Shadow Blush Chino

Brazilwood Sawdust 100 gram package
(Yields reds and pinks)
Clear Christmas reds to garnet deep red with alum; pink with tin.
Darker tones with addition of Chrome, Copper and/or Iron mordants.
BEAUTIFUL for clothes, wall hangings and needlework. It is an especially beautiful color for evening clothes, because the tone of the red deepens in evening and indoor light, but not fast to sunlight.
This fine sawdust needs to be soaked overnight, to develop the color. Also Ammonia (household grade), chalk or a little washing soda needs to be added if your water is acid, as a too acid bath dyes an orange, not a red. This "indicator" effect of changing hue with acid or alkali can be used to nice effect artistically, variegating the red into flames of pure fire.
100% Eco harvest (large limbs only) and 100% recycle (sawdust from violin bow manufacture).
Additional Product Information
Extract is pure 100% water soluble red. It is made from the very abundant Palo de Brazil variety of tree, not the rare and near extinct Quebracho, Pernambuco or Brazilian Brazilwood.
Exact tone can be modified by adding a little ammonia or soda ash or chalk to the dye bath. For best red, the dyebath should look red, neither orange nor purple. Surface design efects can be had by brushing on either vinegar, for orange, or ammonia, for purple.
Alum is the preferred mordant, and an after-mordant of iron (ferrous sulphate or scrap iron dissolved in vinegar) can be used to deepen the color and make it more fast to washing.
Sawdust need to SOAK overnight before extracting. It is not very strong, expect to use about equal by weight of dye to fibre.

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